Procurement Tips

The School Wi-Fi Buyer’s Guide brings you up-to-speed on current wireless concepts, helps you understand various vendor options, and allows you to customize a robust solution for your district’s needs. As you move toward procuring a solution, here are some important steps you should take:

  • Learn about wireless features and solutions (visit the Learn section of this guide)
  • Build and print your custom requirements list (visit the Build section of this guide)
  • Read about finding a holistic solution to understand the product vendor landscape and important considerations for procuring a wireless solution
  • Assess your district’s needs by performing a gap analysis and site survey
  • Hold initial vendor conversations to learn about your options and develop a short-list of vendors to invite to your RFP
  • Evaluate vendor solutions through solution testing and issuing an RFP
  • Save money by negotiating with vendors, participating in consortias, and accessing E-Rate funding